Founder Pack VIP

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Founder Pack VIP


What is included in this package:

  1.  VIP Founder Status
  2.  Your Profile in Wall of Founder 
  3.  Exclusive T-Shirt or Polo Shirt for Founder Member
  4.  Exclusive Cap for Founder Member
  5.  Twelve (12) Month of Premium Pass included
  6.  Twelve (12) Month of Creator Pass included
  7.  Access to Fast Support (reply in max 12h)
  8.  Your Tournament created on D89EL Platform advertised across our network
  9.  Free access to GOLD & VIP Ladder
  10.  20% Discount code to use on BRo Academy Network
  11.  Access to Ambassador Program
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The Founder Pack is our fuel to continue develop the platform and at the same time to provide prize for competition.

Become a Founder is not only a membership, you will able to pilot and express your idea regarding the next step on roadmap; but this is not all! In fact just the value of the package is over the price that we ask.


Please refer to the Wall of Founder page and the description on top of this page to check what is included in your package.


How it works?

  1.  In case of multiple order we will process the higher tier that you select and we will refund all the other.
  2. The purchase will give you 12 month membership
  3. After the purchase we will contact you by email in order to obtain the following information:
    • Username to show on Wall of Founder page (Username can be changed in the 12 month for an additional fee of 2£)
    • Picture/Image to show on Wall of Founder page ( Image can be changed in the 12 month for an additional fee of 2£)
    • Biography/Text with link to social media that you would like to add
    • (Only for Gold and VIP) Preference if you would like to receive the exclusive T shirt or the exclusive Polo Shirt.
    • Size of the T-Shirt/Polo
    • (Only for Silver, Gold and VIP) 30 Minutes meeting to present and teach about Creation Pass
  4. You will receive the Founder Status on our website and Discord ONLY when we receive the reply with the information express on point 3.
  5. You will receive by email you Discount code to use on all BRo Academy Network
  6. (Only for Gold and VIP) We will insert your tournament on our featured space of our network
  7. (Only for VIP) We will insert your Streaming channel on our featured space of our network and Discord Notification
  8. (Only for Gold and VIP) You will receive the invitation for the Exclusive GOLD & VIP Ladder
  9. (Only for VIP) We will send you your Ambassador code to share with your community.

Please note the Founder Pack show a monthly price based on a Yearly subscription. Founder Pack is not available on monthly basis but monthly payment is offered by PayPal.


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